The SFAI community is struggling with two stresses, the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of the school. In order to help our community, Adjunct Faculty, Student Alliance and have joined together to share our needs and support. Mutual Aid can take many forms. Some people need financial assistance, some need food delivery. By using the spreadsheet in the link below we can all give what we can and ask for what we need. 

People are already asking for and receiving aid. So please check in often. 

For those who request financial aid please add a description (how much and for what?) and if available your venmo or paypal account. In this way when someone puts out a request for aid people will know how to help and can do so directly. 

Students can apply for financial mutual aid directly through Student Alliance. Please visit the page Student Alliance has set up for distributing Student Alliance money. Student Alliance will vote on how to distribute aid. Students can certainly apply for mutual aid on both sites. 

Student Alliance Mutual Aid Financial Site

The front page of the SFAI Community Aid page is useful for resources and for providing us with information on how anyone can help. Please visit this page to let us know how we can coordinate aid. 

Need a ride?!?!?!