for the community


Students attending SFAI were left in serious predicaments when the school announced on March 23rd it would not be enrolling and teaching most of the programs they currently offer. With finances currently a concern with the school there is no certainty of its future beyond hopes and dreams. 

This has left students uncertain about their current situations amongst an already uncertain time due to the nature of covid-19. The government has stepped in and offered aid in the form of the CARES act. However, this aid is not allowed to be distributed to a majority of our student body because of rules barring international students from receiving these funds. This is a great disappointment to our student body. We have decided to do our best to step in to help those, our peers, as best we can. 

To date: Student Alliance has used the remainder of their funds to donate to aiding International Students in the sum of around $8,000. has been able to donate $4,500 to International Students. Other members of the community have graciously stepped up and assisted in many ways via Mutual Aid. While these efforts are more than appreciated we have only been able to meet 30% of the requested financial aid. 

The process has currently gone through Student Alliance and our student affairs admin at SFAI. It has been a pleasure to work with these people and student affairs is working night and day to help out students. However, we have come to a crossroad, with Warn acts being issued to most of the admin, we are unclear as to how this process will continue and if we will still be able to work directly with SFAI. 

However, having learned the importance of a back up plan, we have assembled a team consisting of undergraduates, graduates, faculty members and student alliance members to help vote on aid distribution, as well as continue to try and raise money for our community and most importantly at this time, our international community. This fund commits to continue assisting the students of SFAI beyond the semester, and we ask for any aid that can be given at this time..